Viddi Player

Viddi Player 1.60

Listen to radio programs from all over the world

Viddiplayer is a quick, easy and free way to stream Internet webcasts and audio. Unlike other streaming audio players it keeps the process clean and unencumbered. A drop-down menu allows you to choose the music you want, by genre or country. A second drop-down menu allows you to select your stream.

Viddi Player contains a database of over 750 Internet Radio stations and audio sources. By selecting the “About” button, your station database is automatically updated, assuming you're connected to the Internet. Another button opens your browser and takes you to the Viddi Player website. There are also mute, volume control, play, stop and pause buttons.

Here are a few features from Viddiplayer:

  • Ad-free Internet Radio
  • Over 1250 pre tuned internet radio stations
  • Stream info such as artist and name of song and quality of stream
  • Direct link to's database for more info about the artist/song
  • Direct link to the radio stations webpage
  • Add/remove your favourite web radio stations
  • Automatic database updating to prevent dead links
  • Skin support, customize the look of your player

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Viddi Player


Viddi Player 1.60

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